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Blackjack is one of the best card games. iPad users can expect the same blackjack options found on a desktop or laptop on a handheld device. Many casinos have a free iPad app, which differ only in that it is adapted to better represent the game on any type of device. Most iPhone apps are also suitable for the iPad, just because of the larger screen it is more convenient to play on.

Blackjack iPad

Online 21 games are:

  • With a real dealer. He communicates with the players through a webcam which is installed only in front of him. You play one-on-one with a dealer, and the other participants cannot see or hear you. If you want to ask a question or leave a comment, you can use the text chat window;
  • A machine acts as the dealer on the game.

If you want to play Ipad app free online without downloading anything, slotum.com has many options to play blackjack through your browser. 

Those who have decided to install a free app on their Ipad, should read a review of the top 5 options of the slots.

Ipad Blackjack by Brainium

Blackjack iPad app

Blackjack free game on iPhone and iPad captures the spirit of the famous card game and has a user-friendly, pleasing to the eye, clear interface. Best of all, you can try Blackjack from Brainium for free — the game uses only playable money and chips. Tap the chips to indicate your bet amount and the cards will be laid on the table — they are so well-drawn that you can hear the crunch of a new deck.

If you do not know what strategy to choose, at any time you can ask an online dealer. Pop-up hints will help you quickly calculate your points or decide whether to draw another card during a soft hand or not. To increase your winnings, use sophisticated strategies, such as multiple card splits and doubling your bet.

Functions and features of the free Ipad app:

  • colorful cards, excellent animation;
  • touch control of the chips;
  • card splitting and doubling bets to increase your winnings;
  • insurance against a possible combination of blackjack from the dealer;
  • the ability to abandon the game in a difficult situation;
  • detailed statistics of successes and jackpots;
  • a lot of possible varieties of the design of the table;
  • tips from the dealer — no restrictions;
  • an unlimited number of free chips;
  • the universal interface of the application looks great on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch;
  • opportunity to play in casino in any city.

Blackjack by Solitaire Games Studio for iPad app: choose any city

Online blackjack app

The game follows the strict rules of blackjack. The dealer shuffles the deck and deals the cards. The creators guarantee 100% fair game.

Purchases in the slot are made for real money, so gamers should be careful when trying to get a jackpot. This iPad casino app is a simulation of a gambling game, but it does not include real money gambling elements and does not give players the opportunity to win real money or prizes.

The goal of the Ipad app is to beat the dealer in one of the following ways:

  • get blackjack by scoring 21 points with the first two cards earlier than the dealer;
  • get more points than the dealer, but not exceeding 21 points;
  • make the dealer pull cards until he scores more than 21 points.

Features of this online Ipad app:

  1. The winnings are paid out 3:2.
  2. The dealer draws cards, if he has less than 16 points, and stops when he scores 17 points.
  3. The payout for the insurance bet is 2:1.
  4. Hit (extra card), Stand (pass), Double Down (double the bet), Split (split), Surrender (surrender).

The Ipad app allows you to travel around the world and visit the most popular game facilities in any city:

  • Casino in Las Vegas;
  • Casino in Paris;
  • Casino in Macau;
  • Casino in London;
  • Casino in Monte Carlo;
  • Casino in the Bahamas.

Blackjack 21: Blackjackist by KamaGames

Blackjack free app

The iPad app lets you play blackjack for free with millions of users from around the world! Place a bet, score more points than the dealer and win chips. Feel the excitement, dive into the casino atmosphere and catch your luck by the tail.

Take your chances, improve your skills, gain experience, make new friends and become the best!

Game Features of the Ipad app:

  1. Free chips awarded every day when you open the app, as well as after completing tasks. 
  2. Rewards. Raise stakes, win hands, take risks to score 21, and unlock new achievements.
  3. User-friendly profile. It's where you keep track of your status, your progress in the game, how many blackjack tournaments you've played so far, and your accomplishments. View other members' profiles and compare yourself with them.
  4. The ability to communicate online with other users. To do this, there is a handy chat and messaging system where you can discuss the hands you've played and share your feelings with your blackjack buddies.
  5. Fair Play Guarantee online. Random Number Generator (RNG) application is certified by independent experts. 
  6. Availability of a learning mode. When it is turned on, the user is shown winning combinations and the rules of blackjack 21.
  7. Quite realistic 3D graphics. 
  8. Ability to start playing 21 without registration.
  9. One account. You can start playing for free on your Ipad or cell phone and continue your game on Facebook, saving your progress. 

Blackjack online app from TapTapBoom: win jackpot

21 online app

This free online Ipad app is designed and optimized for iPhone and iPad.  

Features of the app:

  1. Free chips. There is an option to play every day without even paying. If a user goes broke, free chips will be added every 20 minutes. 
  2. Beginner users will be able to learn the basics of blackjack with the help of hints and tutorials. 
  3. Convenient user's cabinet. Here you can track your progress and be rewarded with free counters and cool new deck designs to test your new blackjack skills.
  4. Very realistic and high-resolution Retina graphics make you feel like you're playing in a real casino.

Blackjack 21 slot + Free Casino-style Blackjack game from Smash Atom Software LLC

blackjack casino app

This free online app is available on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This app allows you to play up to three hands simultaneously at one table. Everything from the game's beautiful, intricately detailed graphics to the authentic sounds and truly immersive gameplay feels real. All the usual blackjack action is included here — such as doubling your bet, splitting pairs, insurance, and more. If a player loses all his chips, he can click on "Reset" and start playing again.

To keep the online game accessible to users of all levels, Blackjack 21+ includes a handy hint feature that offers users tips on gameplay or helps them make the right decision in difficult situations. Flexible in-game features also allow players to switch between different betting limits at the table, as well as switch the felt colors of their tables at the touch of a button. More competitive users can unlock achievements, share scores via Facebook and Twitter, and compete online via Game Center's interactive leaderboards for full bragging rights.